Hi! My name is Sherise and welcome to my blog!


Here are a few things you outta know about me:

I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on a military base. I wish I could say I lived there long enough to remember anything, but I have plans to return to the island (hopefully very soon). I have lived in the Sunshine State for the most part; where I met my (now) husband in high school and graduated from UCF in 2013 (Go Knights!). My career of choice is nursing and I work in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit where every 12 hour shift makes a difference in my life.

I am a travel nurse so every 3 months I will be in a new city. As of April 2017, I left Orlando for my first travel assignment in Iowa City, Iowa! When I am not working in the hospital, you can usually find me at home cooking, baking and taking pictures of it! I share a home with my husband David, and our two dogs that we are slightly obsessed with. Some of my other obsessions are coffee, art, napping and my Erin Condren planner. Since my memory is just short of absent most of the time, keeping a detailed planner with meals, To-Do lists, goals, workouts, schedules and memories is a MUST.

My overall goal is to simplify the way I live by decreasing material possessions and replacing them with experiences. Also, I have recently adopted the vegan diet which is a definitely a journey within itself. Sharing and creating vegan recipes will keep me on track. I plan to share all of this with YOU (and way more) on this blog. I hope you follow along with me on this journey to a more mindful life. Comment and say hello!