Hiking Adventures: Graffiti Falls


When we first moved to Southern California from Oakland for my job in Orange, our studio in Huntington Beach was not ready to move in yet so we stayed in an AirBNB for a few days in Corona. My favorite hike while in the area was definitely Graffiti Falls which was on a private property and was kind of tricky to get to- but worth it.


The trail head can be difficult to locate considering the trail is tucked into a private residential area.

The “address” is 3339 Lincoln St, Riverside, California. Once you park curbside, you walk up to this house and follow the 1.5 mile dusty trail to find the hidden tagged stones. The “trail” is pet friendly but once you get close to the graffiti walls, things can get a bit sketchy.


At the beginning of this trail it was awkward because I felt as though I was trespassing since we were basically in people’s backyards but then you hike a little further and see this random display of graffiti and suddenly it’s whatever.


Somehow we got lucky and managed to time the hike just right to see the sun set over the mountains.


The route that we chose did not have stable ground to get to the waterfall so unfortunately we did not get to see that since it started to get dark.


My favorite part was not the graffiti but it was the views when you turn around. As y’all know, the mountains move me.


Let me be honest, this trail was random. It was a mountain side essentially vandalized by artists to display their art in the middle of a subdivision. Bu that is what I LOVE about California. There is always something to do whether it’s major attraction or just down the road, you can always find something unique or exciting. The state is overflowing with creativity and opportunities to showcase them…even on a damn mountain!


Happy travels,

Sherise Rae

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