There’s nothing more than this world needs than compassion. Compassionate living among groups of people, across state lines and borders. Human to human. Human to animal.


In the modern western world, we are dehumanized and desensitized. People cringe at the thought of seeing a baby feed off of their mother’s breast, but are not disgusted with the thought of that same baby drinking milk from a farm animal. We are mammals, we are animals. Each species is designed to nurture their own.

The word human originates from the word humane. There is nothing humane about ripping a calf from it’s mother at birth and depriving him of his mother’s milk or tying a calf down in a wooden crate to live only 4-5 months to get a cut of veal or grinding up male chicks alive since they have no value to the egg industry or cutting a cow’s lifespan from 20 years to 4 once it’s deemed useless to the dairy farm.


The horror and terror is removed from our eyes so that people do not feel guilty when they buy a gallon of milk or a pound of chicken breast. There is always that question, if you had to kill every animal you had to eat, would you? Most likely not. Even some people would say they could never be a vegan because of bacon or cheese. We are addicted to these foods and the thought of giving them up should not be that life changing. But it is. It has been so embedded in our social and everyday lives so that, even if an animal has to die, it seems worth it.


It is mind blowing when you step back and take a look at the blueprint society creates and most will follow for a lifetime without question. Thanks to documentaries like “What the Health” shedding light on the dark truth about the food industry, more people are learning about the benefits of a plant based diet. The dairy and meat industry are the leading sponsors for the so-called health organizations that continue to be main sources for nutrition and health recommendations. We are not people to these companies. We are money. Sickness makes money.


The best decision I ever made was to live with intention and to live with compassion. And actually mean it. A cow shouldn’t have to be skinned to make my husband an expensive wallet to hold his money, a Kate Spade purse or to make the seat’s of my car. I remember growing up, reading “real leather” and thinking it was a high quality product worthy of my money. But it’s an animal that was sacrificed for something so materialistic and worthless.

There was an internal and external experience that happened when I made the decision to live a life where I am only in charge of my own life, not the lives of others. At times, it is hard to articulate those feelings.


A light has entered my life. An overwhelming sense of peace and clarity has taken over.  A connection with animals that I once had as child has been reborn. I have visited a special farm here in Iowa called the Iowa Farm Sanctuary where animals can live carelessly and not fear death. They are just as sweet as my pups at home. They love attention, to be petted and to be attended to. My heart is full knowing that there is hope and there is a chance that things will change.


What started off as an act of compassion for animals, has evolved into an act of self love. I fill my body with wholesome, plant based foods and in turn have improved my physical and mental health. I feel regulated, healthy and energetic. No longer fluffy and sluggish. It’s a win win whether someone goes vegan for their own health benefit or to save the animals.


Love always wins. Light can shine through darkness.

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