Orlando, the City Beautiful, is huge and it’s growing fast. I have lived a few miles outside of the Orlando area for 20 years now (whoa, that just made me feel irrelevant). My favorite parts of the city has always been the diverse eats- whether you were craving a New York slice of pizza or a Korean BBQ taco- you could find it.

Although the city is flooded with some of the best restaurants and bars, the list shrunk to just a handful when I needed some vegan goodies. But that’s okay, the places I found that were completely plant-based are some of my favorite spots now. There are also plenty of places that have great menus that are easily veganized.

Here are three great places to check out that I have grown to love.

Valkyrie Donuts


Home of the square vegan donut, soft serve, donut ice cream sandwiches, and coffee. Need I say more?


The Sanctum- Real, Damn Good Food


Sanctum is located at the Northeast Corner of Ferncreek & 50.

They serve delicious coffee, espresso & tea, craft beer & wine, delicious smoothies.

Although not a strictly vegan restaurant, this one is definitely on my favorites lists because of the fresh ingredients and inspiring menu. After eating here I went home and just wanted to cook!

This time around I had the Sedona bowl with organic brown rice, organic beans, roasted sweet potato & beet, organic greens, onion, jicama, cilantro, slaw, pepitas, organic house tempeh, avocado ranch, and a queso drizzle.  Yum?

Other than the delicious food, another thing I love is the atmosphere.

Check out the wildy delicious menu, here

Ethos Vegan Kitchen 


Ethos is located just north of downtown Orlando in Winter Park at the corner of Fairbanks Avenue and New York Avenue, one block west of Park Avenue. Chillin’ right next to Rollins College.

They feature healthy and hearty fare, and one of few Orlando restaurants with a fully vegan menu.

This time around I went for a soup and salad. First with a black bean soup (gluten and soy free) made with black beans, onions, carrots and red/green bell peppers seasoned then slow-cooked to perfection. Topped with sour cream and diced red onions. Then had a DEEE-licious crispy chickun salad with baby spinach and mixed spring greens topped with crispy chickun, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, cucumbers, carrots and red onions. Drizzled with your choice of ranch or agave mustard dressing.

My mom decided on a meatball sub made with Italian-style meatballs in marinara sauce piled onto a French hoagie and topped with mozzarella cheese then toasted until golden brown. This one here was drool worthy.


BONUS- they feature a selection of vegan:



Baked goods

Check out their amazing menu, here


Happy eating,

Sherise Rae

2 thoughts on “EAT VEGAN: ORLANDO

  1. Never would I have ever known these places existed before you finding them! Whenever we move back to Orlando, you must take me here, please and thank you! 🙂

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