Have you been scrolling through Instagram and can’t help but notice how BEAUTIFUL A SMOOTHIE BOWL CAN BE? Star cut outs of dragonfruit and perfectly arranged granola. GOOD NEWS! I have a super easy way to beautify any smoothie bowl or oats. Making a kiwi flower took no more than 2 minutes- okay maybe I should have gone a little slower with that knife- I blame it on the espresso! OK let’s do this.


You will need:

  • Fresh, well-rinsed kiwi
  • A paring knife
  • A cutting board


All there is to this, is a series of parallel diagonal cuts at about a 45 degree angle around the kiwi. Be sure to go ALL the way through the fruit until you hit the cutting board.


Keep going.


Once you have gone all the way around, now make cuts in the opposite direction to connect the lines. AKA make a zigzag.


Honestly (as you can see above) the cuts do not have to be perfect! As long as they connect, and you go ALL the way through the fruit- the outcome will be beautiful!


Once all the way around, the two halves will pull apart and you are left with this almost-too-pretty-to-eat kiwi flower!



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